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Ibn al-Qayyim (رحمه الله ), said : ” Excess in food induces many types of evil, pushing the organs of the body to disobey Allah and turning them away from obedience to Him, and this is evil enough. How many troubles have satiety and excess in food brought, from how many manifestations of obedience to Allah they restrained a person, and whoever is delivered from the evil of his womb is delivered from great evil. And it is easiest for the Shaitan to rule a person when his womb is filled with food. Therefore, it was said: “Narrow the passages of the Shaitan by fasting.” And the prophet (ﷺ), said: “The descendant of Adam never filled a vessel worse than his stomachTirmidhi, 3280
If the only bad effect of filling the stomach was that it encourages a person to be careless and careless about the remembrance of Allah, then that would be enough. After all, the shaitan rushes to the heart, which is careless to remember for at least some time, seducing him with promises and inspiring him with different desires, and takes him further and further behind him.
Indeed, when the soul is satiated, it sets in motion and begins to wander, striving towards different types of passions. And when she is hungry, she calms down, calms down and becomes humble
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